Road Closures update - Ash die back

New information. Road closures now as follows;

Monday 15 Feb - Saturday 20 Feb A396 Ashley to Bickleigh Bridge  CLOSED 7am-5pm

Monday 22 Feb - Saturday 27 Feb A3072 Bickleigh Bridge to Chilton Cross CLOSED 7am-5pm

Monday 1 March - Saturday 6 March A396 Bickleigh Brdige to Burn Cross CLOSED 7am-5pm.

Beware - Side roads likely to be busy! Witnessed on Monday - mud everywhere, churned up verges, great potholes, huge lorries stuck, walls and telegraph poles 'bruised', and much driver frustration. One wonders if DCC has taken into consideration the consequences of closing the main road for such a long period of time!



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