Devon Glorious Devon History Night Postponed

The event planned in the Village Hall for Saturday April 18th 2020 has been postponed. Many thanks to those who volunteered to become characters from the past all with a Devon connection, some quite well known, some less so and several with criminal connections! Fear not, the scripts will keep until circumstances allow the "show" and supper to go on.

The title 'Devon Glorious Devon' comes from a popular song of old, which has the following opening lines,

                                         "Combe and Tor, green meadow and lane

                                         ,Birds on the waving bough,

                                          Beetling cliffs by the surging main,

                                          Rich red loam for the plough.

                                          Devon's the fount of the bravest blood

                                          That braces England's breed.

                                          Her maidens fair as the apple bud,

                                          And her men are men indeed!


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