Community Retail Enterprise Proposal


Proposal for a Temporary Community Retail Enterprise at Bickleigh Village Hall.

With the agreement of the Bickleigh Village Hall committee, the Covid 19 Response Team are proposing setting up a ‘Community Retail Enterprise’ in the Village Hall, to take us through the rest of lockdown and the following period of restricted social gathering.

The proposal is to run the enterprise for around an hour on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 10-11am and starting by selling basics- initially bread and milk. It would be run, stocked and staffed by volunteers who would only be remunerated for any expenses incurred. The intended start date is Tuesday 12th May.

We are able to source bread locally- from No 33 in Tiverton and we would be likely to use Tescos for milk. Prices would be….

Bread from No 33 White loaf £1.80 (large) £1.10 (small)

Granary loaf £1.90 (large) £1.20 (small)

Option of sliced or unsliced

(semi skimmed) 4 pints £1.10

2 pint £0.80

Ordering in advance is essential- please order by Monday or Thursday 12 noon.

By ringing 855053, leaving a message on answer phone if not answered

Or by emailing

Payment would be by electronic bank transfer, as we would prefer not to handle cash.

Bank details:

Bickleigh Village Hall

A/c Number - 06502059

Sort code - 60-21-27

However, this could also be done by correct money in a named envelope or keeping a ‘slate’ which should then be cleared within a fortnight. As the Covid 19 Response Team have been awarded a £500 grant for local needs, we propose to use this as credit as well as keeping prices to the same as source and remunerating the Village Hall.

First orders need to be placed by 12 noon on Monday 11th May.

This service will depend on whether it is used…. please support the service !


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