Castletown Boys 7th October 2017 Village Hall

The Bickleigh Village Hall Committee are very pleased with our first Live Music night! Much dancing and arm twirling with friends, neighbours and complete strangers was very uplifting and huge grins seemed to be plastered on faces (though the 72 pint keg of Exe Valley Dob’s may have had something to do with this!) The Castletown Boys pulled out all the stops with passionate covers of Black Jack Davy, Bonnie Ship The Diamond and many more. The evening finished with a rousing rendition of “My old man’s a dustman” which went down rather well as we all seemed to know the words…THANK YOU so much to Del (Guitar and vocals), Theo (Double Bass) and Neil (Violin) You are clearly extremely talented musicians and all round great guys!

The Committee would like to sincerely thank Stan Sharland for making the delicious pasties. I would also like to thank the Committee as well as Amanda S, Mark P, Elaine M, Charlotte P, Camilla M, Polly T, Steve B and Bickleigh Primary School for their help in the run up to the event/on the night. Ticket prices were purposely kept very low as this was the first event and was mainly geared at getting people together for a bit of a social knees up. BUT £131.14 was raised for to go towards improving the stage area so we are very happy! Many thanks to all who supported us.


On behalf of The BVH Committee

Michelle, Matt, Robin, Richard, Chris and Derek

The Castletown Boys

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