Bickleigh Parish Council - Nominations required.

All households within Bickleigh Parish were invited to attend a meeting in the Village Hall on Tuesday July 30th at 7pm. As there had been no names submitted to serve as Parish Councillors in May 2019 an interim Council of 3 District and the County Councillor had been set up  District Councillor Bob Deed was elected Chairman by Margaret Squires and Polly Colthorpe. After a brief business meeting  and discussion on planning policies the Chairman asked for names of people willing to stand as Parish Councillors. Keen interest was shown by several present who criticised the lack of information about the election in May and recognised the necessity for Bickleigh to have a Parish Council. Application forms were given out but unfortunately only 4 forms were available which were insufficient. Forms must be returned to Mid Devon Council by August 15th 2019 and if more than 5 are received an election will take place on Thursday September 12th 2019. The new Council will then meet, appoint a chairman, and take on responsibility from the interim Council.

The main qualifications for standing are to have been on the Bickleigh electoral roll for 12 months or on an electoral role living within 3 miles of the Parish.

Anyone interested should contact Mid Devon Council but ensure their form is submitted before 15th August.

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