Bickleigh Bridge Damage

Yet again the Bridge has suffered extensive damage. It is a sorry sight, dangerous and likely to remain that way for some time while Devon County come up with repair and the next idea, the previous road markings/ signage/ramping/ CCTV all having failed to protect this listed ancient monument.

Or will they just accept the problem and pay for the repair again? Local resident, Adam Biddlestone, who lives nearby, has sent this plea to this website;

"Any idea who we need to talk to in order to resolve the bridge situation? I know it’s an ongoing saga, but the damage on both Bickleigh and Little Dart bridge is horrendous and probably dangerous, As long as articulated vehicles are allowed, the bridges will continue to be damaged. It seems an easy and fairly cheap solution - just prohibit articulated vehicles! Who will listen? "

Can local action achieve a solution?  If you have a view please contact the website, 'Bickleigh Bugle', Bickleigh Parish Council, County Councillor for Tiverton West (Polly Colthorpe) or Devon County Council. Even though the Bridge is not within the Parish it affects us all and impacts our daily lives. Along with Devon County Council surely we all have a duty of care to resolve this unsatisfactory situation.  

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