Bickleigh Bridge closed.

Bickleigh awoke this morning to hear news of extensive Bridge damage and closure to traffic. Around 4am it is understood that a large vehicle driving towards Exeter mounted the newly installed protection kerbs and managed to demolish part of the bridge wall above the Fishermans Cot Gardens. By 7.30am  one local resident was surprised to receive news of the damage from his son in Canada! News travels fast! Parents and children had to make hasty arrangements to get to school from the other side of the bridge. Motorists took to alternative lanes and hills to get north or south or choose the lengthy diversion route via Crediton and Cowley Bridge.

By mid afternoon the extent of the damage could be seen with safety fencing erected along the damaged area and with a cordoned pedestrian pathway. Parents and children had a longer walk to and from school. Many onlookers were taking photos and saying the accident was just waiting to happen. The recently built high kerbing could well result in large vehicles damaging the Cot side wall. Fortunately the driver was unhurt. The word is now that repairs to this Listed Grade 2 ancient monument will take up to a month to repair and the road to open. We can but hope that the work proceeds as quickly as possible.  

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